Daisteli Jewelry & Co. 

Est. 2013 

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Simple.. weightless.. elegance..

“Daisteli’s mission is to stay true to its client’s desire by providing innovative and distinctive jewelry that embodies simplicity in its most elegant yet fierce form.”

Simplicity is at the core of Daisteli’s mission because when it is incorporated correctly it offers a greater impact on perception and wear. When a possession is valued by an individual it becomes a memorable item, thus creating the customer value.

The focus is on maintaining a distinctive look from day to night through quality and longevity. Every piece is created with either vermeil, 14kt gold-filled materials, 24kt gold overlays, or sterling silver as well as precious stones and crystals to ensure quality through longer wear and to provide durability through everyday tasks.
Each item is hand-crafted with the customer in mind to ensure satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, Daisteli aims at accentuating your uniqueness through every aspect of your personal and professional lives. The pieces are here to reflect the beauty of our features and fierceness. Decorate your body with Daisteli Jewelry and get lost in decorative bliss.

It’s time to feel the gift of affordable luxury..